A Future Founded on Innovation and Sustainability

Ankur Gupta

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Manager of Brookfield India REIT
Dear Unitholders,

India’s real estate landscape has significantly evolved over the last decade, triggering requirement for new spaces which are innovative, collaborative, sustainable. Brookfield India REIT owns and builds assets relevant to this requirement and we manage our properties with a people centric approach which provides an environment to our occupiers where they can enhance their business.

Leveraging India’s Competitive Strengths

As a nation, India has several key elements firmly in place, driving us as the fifth-largest economy in the world. The future reassuringly seems bright as India continues to be seen as a global talent hub and will be the single largest contributor to new non-farm jobs in the world. Properties such as ours will house this engine of global growth.

India has successfully kept its reputation as the leading Global Captive Center market despite cautious sentiments in international markets and ongoing global geopolitical developments. India’s position as a competitive services market amidst a tight labor market globally and most importantly corporates encouraging work from office should continue to lead growth across the office segment. This is expected to lead to renewed demand for Grade A office spaces. Meanwhile, the definition of Grade A office spaces is evolving and today includes an increased focus on health and safety, stronger tenant connects and ESG centricity with resource efficient operations. Our assets rank very high on global standards for these features and we are excited to help our clients as they shape up new real estate strategies.

Keeping pace with the growing demand from discerning corporates seeking the best-in-class environment for attracting, retaining, and nurturing talent, we have upscaled our technological strength and upgraded our campuses to make them safer, more environment-friendly and collaborative, which match our tenants’ aspirations.

Our global expertise and experience in institutional asset management will continue to help augment Brookfield India REIT’s position as the preferred destination for leading organizations and a trusted and credible partner for all its stakeholders.

Making ESG a Business Priority Every Day

Brookfield India REIT has made ESG the topmost priority for businesses and people thereby ensuring the wellbeing of the planet. Our first-ever GRESB score reflects our strong ESG practices placing us as a sector leader for sustainable office development in the region. Overall, Brookfield India REIT placed in the top 20% of assets globally, securing the coveted 5-star rating.

The robust ESG framework of Brookfield India REIT together with the guiding principles of the Sponsor has guided us towards developing and managing quality assets that meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability, deliver positive social impact and prioritize ethics, integrity, transparency and regulatory compliance. We have advanced our Net Zero target by 10 years to 2040 and Brookfield India REIT has rolled out a comprehensive ESG strategy to operationalize and achieve this goal.

A Future Built on Consistent Performance

Despite the turbulence, we believe that India’s advantages are likely to remain intact. This will be backed by the abundance of skilled talent, supportive export-oriented policies, extensive regulatory backing to the IT/ITeS sector and competitive operating costs. Better quality of workspaces and the evolution of office spaces to facilitate a social and performance-driven atmosphere will be the focus. In line with our priorities and business strategies, we continue to focus on operational excellence supporting the real estate need of our occupiers and maximizing the performance and value of our existing assets. We will also continue to pursue our acquisition ambitions and opportunities which are value driven and complementary to our business objectives. I’m confident that our strong tenant relationship, clear strategy and implementation plans along with prudent capital management will help us deliver and grow from strength to strength.

On this note, I would like to thank our board members, tenants, partners, team and the stakeholder ecosystem for their trust and support in us. Your continued encouragement and support will inspire us to add value and deliver on our objectives.


Ankur Gupta

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Manager of Brookfield India REIT