Brookfield India REIT at a Glance

We are reimagining real estate from the ground up. We don’t just build and manage buildings, we create places where people and communities truly want to be. Our campuses are envisioned to promote growth, reinforce culture and encourage employee collaboration, thereby enhancing productivity.

Our approach to developing and managing real estate raises the industry standard for quality and sustainability. We are focused on making sustainable investments to augment customer experience and steer our value accretive journey more impactfully for our stakeholders.

Our Key Market Differentiators

Global Sponsorship with Local Expertise

Our global expertise coupled with extensive local market and asset knowledge will be the key to our long-term investment strategy in India.

Strategically Located Properties

Our campuses are among the highest quality office parks in India, strategically located in the key gateway markets of Mumbai, Gurugram, Noida and Kolkata.

Placemaking Capabilities

Built for institutional tenants who have contemporary workspace requirements, our vision is to deliver exceptional service⁠-⁠based experience to the tenants by creating best-in-class work environment in highly amenitized campuses.

Experienced Leadership

With the key managerial personnel and core team having an average of more than 24 years of experience in the real estate industry in India, we provide valuable insights and perspectives into the portfolio management of our current office parks as well as underwriting new investments.

Sustainability in Everything We Do

Respect for the environment is embedded in all aspects of our operations, from conserving energy to managing resources and reducing waste. We are committed to Global ESG practices to make a meaningful impact on the communities and the ecosystem in which we operate.