Brookfield India REIT at a Glance

At Brookfield India REIT, we are reimagining real estate through sustainable solutions. Our developments and properties are efficient, resilient and future-fit, supporting the needs of our tenants and communities — today and tomorrow.

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Financial Capital

We follow a disciplined approach towards managing our financial resources. Our investments are made to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact, alongside a sustained financial return.

Manufactured Capital

We are one of the few developers who dedicate sustainability experts at each stage of the development lifecycle - from investments to design and planning, and construction to operations. We focus on efficient, resilient and future-fit developments and properties which support the needs of our tenants, communities and the planet. Our tenants are housed in buildings that offer environmentfriendly designs, practices, renewable power, green mobility solutions and meet all ESG norms.

Social And Relationship Capital

We lead with inclusivity, embracing our diverse culture to support individual development and growth. We work with partners and vendors who are committed to sustainable practices. Together, we create positive economic, social and environmental value and work as a team towards a sustainable and resilient future.

Natural Capital

Our commitment to the environment is embedded in all aspects of our operations, from conserving energy to managing resources to reducing waste. With health, safety and sustainability gaining centerstage, our assets are equipped with organic waste composters, rooftop solar system and rainwater harvesting and are focused on ensuring zero single use plastic in our amenities, which also include food courts.