Chairman’s MessageFacilitating
Return-to-Office in India

Conclusive optimism and ongoing economic recovery have initiated a swift turnaround of business sentiment worldwide in FY2022.

Ankur Gupta

Chairman’s Message

Dear Unitholders,With markets reviving, borrowing costs coming down and economies improving globally, the projections for the coming months are positive. In this backdrop, we are looking ahead at robust growth prospects.

The business showed notable resilience, steered by the strength of our prudent capital structure and the exceptional quality of our office parks helping us successfully negotiate the challenges of the year gone by. We are well poised to capitalize on the opportunity triggered by the ongoing global growth in technology space, a major piece of which is being housed in India.

Ready for ‘return-to-office’

As India progresses in its vaccination efforts, companies have actively reviewed their return-to-work strategies, considering welfare, work-life balance and health and well-being as vital parameters for their employees. There is a resounding affirmation that physical workplaces will continue to remain vital platforms for promoting growth, reinforcing business culture, improving employee efficiency and collaboration. Our world-class placemaking capabilities across well-connected campus-style complexes allow us to create sustainable value in the transforming workplace paradigm, with our properties becoming a direct beneficiary of the post-pandemic economic recovery. Our tenants continue to value our high-quality office parks that provide spacious layouts, hi-tech facilities, safe work environments, creativity and sustainability.

The sustained growth of the technology sector will further translate into vigorous demand for prime real estate with a desirable mix of amenities. With this sector contributing a significant portion of our strong tenant base, we are strategically poised to benefit from the increase in offshoring trends in the months ahead.

Harnessing India’s REIT growth story

Globally, public and private REITs are a multi-trillion dollar asset class, providing institutional and retail investors an opportunity to benefit from current income and portfolio growth in rent yielding property assets. An enabling regulatory framework, coupled with receptive capital market fundamentals, has made REITs a viable and attractive investment avenue in India. As the nation’s only institutionally managed real estate investment trust, we utilize our global expertise, domain experience, robust market knowledge and placemaking capabilities to capitalize on the vibrant REIT opportunity in the country.

Integrating ESG

Brookfield India REIT’s robust ESG framework, in line with the guiding principles of the Sponsor, has steered us towards developing and operating quality assets that meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability, enable positive social impact and have an institutional governance mechanism. Our campuses are built with a focus on climate change resilience and continuous development towards use of cutting-edge solutions for clean energy. We are devoted to providing a unique service-based experience to our tenants, and work to make all assets universally accessible to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. We recognize the importance of robust governance to sustainable business operations, and we conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, integrity, transparency and regulatory compliance.

The way forward

In the improving business environment, we continue to focus on maximizing the performance and value of our irreplaceable assets. While we have consciously kept the REIT away from developmental risk, we have paved a clear growth path in the form of Identified Assets and ROFO Properties. This, we believe, will have a considerable positive impact on our business in the coming years.

In this transforming operating landscape, we are well supported by leases of longer tenure with high-quality tenants and are focused on enhancing value through operational excellence. As we move ahead, we also see the mark-to-market potential of our existing below-market rents giving us more space to grow. In addition, low leverage, long interest only periods and undrawn credit lines provide us with ample liquidity to meet any future challenges.

I take this opportunity to thank our tenants, partners and the team for their unwavering support through these extraordinary times. I am confident that the journey ahead is only going to add tremendous value to all stakeholders.

We look forward to your continued patronage, guidance and support in ‘Welcoming India back to Office’.


Ankur Gupta Chairman, Board of Directors

Manager of Brookfield India REIT